Make It Better

Dry Wheel Track Technology

Our founder Bill Stout has over fifty patents to his name. He always believed he could make it better. We believe we still can. Our industry has changed tremendously over these 60 years, but one thing remains the same-IACO strives to make it better.Whether it’s designing a new coupler for PVC pipe, combating the influx of imported knock-offs or improving upon our own design for Boombacks, we believe in American made quality products at competitive pricing. Our latest products offer superior quality and design for boombacks. We are committed to making Pivot and Linear irrigation more efficient and trouble free. If you’ve never had Boombacks on your Pivot or have had a bad experience in the past, contact us today and see the latest options. You’ll be amazed at how far we’ve come with design and efficiency in the last 5 years.