Innovative Boom Technology™

Innovative Boom Technology™

  • 33% Water Saving
  • 37% Increase In Yields
  • Increased Crop Quality
  • Increased Crop Uniformity
  • Run-Off Practically Eliminated

Efficacy_of_Boombacks IBT Flier 2013 Potato Grower

THE CONCEPT IS SIMPLE.  The results are dramatic.  By using Boombacks™ to spread the water out nearing the end of the pivot, you lower the instantaneous application rate, reducing agricultural runoff and allowing the soil to make full use of the water being applied.

IBT Graph comparing potential agricultural runoff   iBt-and-Traditional-Overhead-New-22

Sprinkler technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it is time to use those advancements to their fullest potential. Think of your garden hose with no nozzle.  The large stream produced is too much for your lawn to absorb.  Now place your thumb over the end of the hose.  The resulting fan spray is applying the same amount of water over a larger area, but the water droplets cling to the grass blades.  The fanned out spray wets the ground at a rate which it can absorb.

Innovative Boom Technology uses this same concept to reduce agricultural runoff, save water, and increase crop quality and yield. When compared to traditional boom technology, Boombacks Innovative Boom Technology increases water savings by 33% and crop yields by 37%!


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