Dry Wheel Track Technology™

Dry Wheel Track Technology™

  • Installing PC-R3000 Rotators on Hose Booms minimizes wheel tracking.
  • Maximizes uniformity.
  • Hose Booms™ feature built-in dampening and directional control
  • The side force associated with part-circle sprinklers is absorbed for system stability and extended wear life.
  • Install 4 Hose Booms™ per tower 10’ spacing.
  • Drive dry, reduce ruts and stop getting stuck.

With the development of the Nelson Part-Circle Rotator the obvious use was to eliminate watering in front of the tower as well as the tower itself. “Putting Water In Its Place!” We achieved this by developing a Boomback™ to work specifically with the PC-R 3000, the Hose Boom™.

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