For use with 2” or 2 ½” PVC pipe. Putting water in its place! The Spike riser locks male and female coupler halves and stabilizes the riser in a vertical position. Substantial savings over aluminum or buried solid set systems. Improved weatherability PVC compounds. Highest UV inhibitors. Highest impact resistance. Easy off season storage…simply remove Spike Riser.
Female Molding w/quad seals & caps2"MSC-F20-0000.550
Female Molding w/quad seals & caps2-1/2"MSC-F25-0000.550
Male Molding w/ cheveron seal gasket2"MSC-M20-0000.2450
Chevron Seal Gasket2"MSC-CH0-0000.150
Chevron Seal Gasket Type 12"MSC-CHT-1000.150
Quad Seal2"MSC-QD0-0000.150
Quad Seal2 1/2"MSC-QD0-0000.150
Cap for Quad Seal2"MSC-CP0-0000.150
Cap for Quad Seal2 1/2"MSC-CP0-0000.150
Spike Riser w/ 3/4" IPT outlet2"MSC-RAL-0000.4775
Aluminum Tube for mainline coupler w/ cotter keys2"MSC-MAL-0000.2550
Adapter for male end2-1/2"MSC-M25-0000.550


Engineered to provide a more stable 3-point “milk stool” stance. Looking for fancy painted tubing? Look somewhere else! The Trident’s innovative design features industrial grade 16 gauge a STM-513 ERW 3/4" O.D. steel tubing with G90 galvanized coating inside and out. Die cast wedge fit “Zamac” zinc alloy sprinkler outlet will not rust, seize or gall. Hexed brass swivel 3/4" hose adapter with washer.
1/2" Sprinkler Outlet500MST-TRI-0501.8420
3/4" Sprinkler Outlet750MST-TRI-0752.2820